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Family Planning Center

Display filled with Uni's single packaged condoms
  • Condoms are packaged in single ise packets
  • Each packet is enclosed in a child resistant, tamper evident, see-thru plastic envelope
  • Individually barcoded for convenient computer inventory control
  • Compact displays pack a lot of profit potential into a small amount of space
        6 Prong Family Planning Center
  • Includes 72 total condoms:  24 Trojan Magnum, 12 Trojan Lube, 12 Lifestyles Ribbed, 12 Lifestyles Sensitive & 12 Lifestyles Non-Lube
  • Filled display can be used as a shelf topper or hung from a pegboard display
  • Display rack measures 7-1/8" W x 18-5/8" H x 9" D
  • Uni refills available separately
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