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  • Driveway Signal Bell

    A signal bell activated by a small rubber hose stretched across your driveway - an industry standard for over 50 years.
    • Detect vehicles approaching pump islands, car washes, or drive-thru lanes
    • Bell sounds once when it detects a change in air pressure in the signal hose - like when a car drives over it
    • Dependable, low-tech device with proven reliability
    • Completely self-contained signal mechanism
    • Works with up to 300' of signal hose
    • One end of signal hose attaches to bottom of bell unit
    • Operates on standard voltage - includes a 5-1/2' insulated electrical cord with 2-prong plug
    • Signal hose available in 50' and 300' lengths
    • Optional hose anchor secures end of hose - can also be used to join two sections of hose
    • For best results, bell unit should be mounted at least 4' above ground level
    • Cast aluminum signal bell measures 6" Dia. Weight 2 lbs.

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    12-0307 Driveway Signal Bell $75.45
    12-0314 50' Signal Hose
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    12-0308 300' Signal Hose
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    12-0315 Hose Anchor
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