30 Gal. Emergency Response Spill Kit

item# 12-0114
A spill kit designed for larger sized fuel or oil spills.

We hope to have this product back in stock soon. We apologize for the inconvenience. Perhaps our 15 Gal. Emergency Response Spill Kit will serve your needs.
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  • Your best defense against costly location or transport spills
  • Designed to absorb up to 30 gallons of petroleum based liquids
  • Keep a large emergency response kit in a central location for dispatch to the affected site to finish the clean-up
  • All spill kit materials absorb only hazardous oil and gas products - leaves harmless water behind
  • Kit materials are made from cellulose and cellulose granules
  • Cellulose granules are 1/5th the weight of clay and 12 times more absorbent
  • All materials have an infinite shelf life
  • Packed in a DOT approved polypropylene drum
  • Drum can be used as a disposal container
  • Spill Kit includes:
    1 - Large Boom 4" x 10-foot
    2 - Granulated Cellulose Socks 3" x 48" (to wrap around machinery or to control the spread of pooled spills)
    50 - Cellulose Pads 16" x 18" x 3/8"
    1 - 1 cu. ft. bag of Granulated Cellulose
    1 - Temporary disposal bag
    1 - Pair nitrile gloves
    1 - 30 Gal. DOT approved drum