About Us

tmCstore1 is a national distributor of products used by convenience stores, service stations, car washes and truck stops.

Cstore1 is a 2nd generation, family owned company. Brothers Tim & Marty Orisek now own and operate Cstore1. Both have been involved with company management since 1984.

Cstore1 was started in 1978 by their father, Rudy Orisek. Rudy, then a marketing consultant, was asked to come into Amoco oil to solve a problem. Self service was reluctantly becoming prevalent on the east coast. Women, in particular, were avoiding self service because of the smell and grime associated with fueling one's car. To solve the problem, Rudy designed the Gas Mitt. Even now, the Gas Mitt continues to be used by thousands of locations nation-wide.

After that, Rudy developed a number of other products that changed the way America markets oil and distributes gas. These included the Dispos-a funnel and the Gashield.

Rudy started to sell these products via a 4 page brochure. That simple idea has grown into our 76 page catalog that is now mailed regularly to retail petroleum and convenience store sites throughout the country.

hofIn honor of his many contributions to not only the organization, but to the industry at large, Rudy was inducted into the Western Petroleum Marketers Association’s (WPMA) Hall of Fame in February of 2008. It truly was the icing on the cake of a fabulous career.

Cstore1's office and distribution center is located in Romeoville IL. Our mid-continent location makes it ideal to serve all points of the U.S.