About Us


Four Decades Of Serving The Needs Of Service Stations, Convenience Stores & Truck Stops 

For more than 40 years, Cstore1 (originally called Concept’s Catalog) has been a family owned business that prides itself on providing top quality equipment and supplies to gas stations, car washes, convenience stores and truck stops across the United States. It is interesting to note that the founding of the company can trace its roots back to an innovative idea that was developed by Cstore1’s founder, Rudy Orisek

A Successful Product Distribution Company Is Born

It is interesting to note that our company began with a simple, but very innovative idea developed by Cstore1’s founder, Rudy Orisek. During the 1970’s self-service gas pumps were starting to be put into wide spread use not only on the east coast, but also throughout the nation. Motorists at the time (many of them being women) did not appreciate the smell of fuel and the grime that they came into contact with while pumping their own gasoline.

Marketing consultant Rudy Orisek recognized this problem and created the perfect solution. The Gas Mitt was a revolutionary new way that drivers could prevent getting gas and dirt on their hands while refueling their vehicles. Now over four decades later, the Gas Mitt is still a very popular product in service stations across the country. Rudy went onto develop a number of other innovative products, such as the Dispos-a funnel and the Gashield.

From our humble beginnings with only a 4-page brochure, today’s 76-page catalog contains thousands of products that are designed to increase the efficiency and profitability of gas stations, convenience stores, truck stops and car washes across the country.

It was a proud day for our company and the Orisek family when Rudy was inducted into the Western Petroleum Marketers Association (WPMA) Hall of Fame, for his many contributions and dedication to the petroleum industry.   

Continuing The Family Legacy Today


Today Cstore1 is owned and operated by Rudy’s sons, Tim and Marty, who have both been with the company for more than 35 years. From our centrally located office and distribution warehouse in Romeoville, IL (Chicago), we are able to serve the needs of customers from coast to coast. While the world has changed quite a bit since 1978, our commitment to provide quality and value to those we serve will always be the driving force that motivates us.