Help your customers keep their windshields clean. Shop from our full selection of Squeegees, Blue Windshield Towels, Kwik Blue Tablets and Windshield Centers.

When customers pull up to your gas pumps, they really appreciate it when they can wash their windows with a clean squeegee and fresh water, as well as empty their trash while filling up their cars with fuel. When it comes to window washing supplies and trash containers, Cstore1 is your one stop solution.
Shop from a wide selection of products including, heavy duty plastic window squeegees, replacement heads and handles, large trash/windshield centers, towel dispensers, top quality metal squeegees, Kwik blue tablets, squeegee buckets, blue paper towels and much more. We also have many replacement parts for your existing equipment.
As a business owner, when you make it convenient and pleasant to shop at your store, people will spend more money and return as loyal customers. You can depend on Cstore1 to provide the best quality windshield cleaning and trash container products in the marketplace today. 
Giving your gas customers access to top quality products shows them that you appreciate their business and want them to return on a regular basis. Let us help you make your customers feel welcome by offering a level of service that they will remember. Stand out from the competition and keep your loyal customers coming back with top quality windshield cleaning and trash container products from Cstore1.


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