Resale Items for Inside the Gas Station Convenience Store

Customers expect your gas station convenience store to have everything they are looking for, and with a wide variety of resale items in many different categories, Cstore1 makes it easy for you to stock the items customers want. We also make it easy on you as the gas station owner / operator by including a counter display with some resale items to make merchandising a breeze!

Automotive Products

Start by stocking your convenience store with automotive items, a popular category for resale. Cstore1 has a large selection including gas cans, tire gauges, tire repair kits, lightbulbs and more. These automotive accessories allow your customers to make quick fixes to their vehicles in order to get back on the road quickly. Wiper blade refills are an important resale item as well and our Pylon Wiper Blade Center allow you to display a variety of wiper blades that fit many different vehicles. We also carry a variety of Little Tree Air Fresheners, sold as scented cards, fiber cans, vent wraps, and spray bottles. With a myriad of scents to choose from, your customers will love these impulse items. And don’t forget to stock up on winter items including snowbrushes and ice scrapers for stores in the northern portion of the country. You can be sure these will be in high demand once the snow starts!


Personal Products

Another popular category for convenience store resale items is personal items. This category spans just about everything and includes hair brushes, toothbrushes, hand sanitizer, screwdrivers, work gloves, batteries and more. Single-dose non-prescription medications are a convenience item your customers are sure to appreciate and with Uni’s 24-prong and 6-prong displays, it is easy to stock a variety of medications including pain relievers, allergy medications and cold and flu medications, without taking up much retail space. Mobile device accessories are also a must-have, and Cstore1 has the audio cables, USB car chargers, wall chargers, and earbuds your customers want. You can also find the sunglasses, lighters and smoking accessories that customers expect to find in a gas station convenience store.

Rest assured that with Cstore1, your convenience store will become the one-stop shop your customers count on to have the resale items they need.