Oil Eating Microbes

item# 12-0119
Microbes that literally eat fuel oils - an ecologically safe method of eliminating small scale fuel oil spills
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  • Eliminates the need for absorbent products and their disposal problems
  • Eliminates fuel oil odor in minutes
  • Great for cleaning up small spills around your pump islands
  • Use with spills on water, soil, or hard surfaces - can even be used to remove old stains in asphalt or concrete
  • Leaves behind harmless carbon dioxide and environmentally beneficial fatty acids
  • Each ounce contains 142 billion live microbes, suspended in bentonite clay
  • Microbes are activated by water
  • Packed in a 2 lb. shaker can - treats up to 200 sq. ft.
  • Microbes have a 5-year shelf life
HERE'S HOW IT WORKS: Sprinkle the microbe/clay mixture over the spill area and scrub it in with a stiff brush. Moisten area with water to activate the microbes. The hungry little guys will keep eating for several days - all you have to do is keep the area moist. When they're done the surface will be oil-free, and you can simply rinse the clay away.