Sar-Gel Water Finding Paste

item# 12-0224
Test for the presence of water at the bottom of a fuel storage tank. New improved formulation works in seconds.
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  • Sar-Gel Blue can be used with Gasoline, Gasoline/Ethanol (E10, E15) blends, Biodiesel, Diesel, Fuel Oil and Jet Fuel
  • New formulation replaces Sar-Gel Pink
  • Smear a thin film of the orange colored paste on your tank gauge stick in the approximate area where you expect the water level to be
  • Lower stick into tank until it reaches the bottom
  • Paste activates within 5 seconds for non-alcohol blended fuels
  • Allow up to 2 minutes for activation with E10 or E15 blends
  • Remove stick and observe - paste turns deep blue on contact with water indicating exact level
  • 1 oz. tube